Woman in Fragments – A film by Zhou Quan

Anne Wong is a promising contemporary dancer in Los Angeles, but her inability to tap into her emotions prevents her from realizing her potential as a dancer. After her mother is hospitalized, she is faced with the difficult task of saving her mother’s drycleaning business while pursuing her dance career. More Info

Silent Embrace Productions, 2014


Whereabouts – A film by Zhou Qhan

WHEREABOUTS depicts an intimate bittersweet romance between two lovers in contemporary China. The story reflects the young Chinese generation’s urban value of love and marriage setting against the stunning cityscapes in China’s metropolis Shanghai. More Info

1987 Motion Pictures, 2010


Triptychon – A video-dance by Evelyne Wohlfarter

TRIPTYCHON plays with both the space of the Berlin St. Elisabeth Church, and the space between the dancers themselves, which they open up through their performance. Walking, limping, rolling – the dancers find themselves in each other, and at the same time become recognized for their peculiarities. More Info

Tanzfähig, 2011